BFF’s and Everlasting Memories: Here’s Why You Should Hire a Professional Pet Photographer

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BFF’s and Everlasting Memories: Here’s Why You Should Hire a Professional Pet Photographer

Let’s be real: people have smartphones with amazing cameras so you may be wondering why you would need to take professional photos of your pet companion.

But here’s the thing, they don’t stay with us forever and sometimes having something really special to celebrate their time with us just feels like the natural thing to do.

5 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Professional Pet Photographer

1. It’s Not About the Equipment, it’s About the Skill

You’ve just gotten the latest iPhone that allows you to take photos like a pro. Perhaps you’ve even got a tripod, Bluetooth-enabled remote… the works! 

But the thing is, taking a great photograph in any industry isn’t just about the equipment, it’s about the skill.

Photographers are skilled in capturing photos with beautiful composition and natural and studio lighting. They’ve got colours in mind, and can capture the essence of your pets personality that is hard to do on your own. 

So while we don’t doubt that your smartphone or actual camera photos will be great, we know from experience that a pet photographer can truly bring your images to life.

2. Pet Photographers Create the Perfect Conditions for Amazing Photos

You know when your pet does something super cute and you’re scurrying around to try and get the best possible photograph of them? 

Or imagine walking on the beach, a time when your pup is the happiest in the world, but you’re trying to manage them while taking photos of their adorableness. It can be hard work!

A pet photographer however knows how to create the perfect conditions to snap the best pictures. They know how to create the best possible space for your pet to really shine without having to run around trying their best to control and snap photos. In this way, you simply get to relax or be a part of the fun.

3. You Can Be Apart of the Action

Instead of timing your photographs or using a Bluetooth-enabled remote to catch those candid moments (that include you running over to your device every few seconds to see the images), why not hire a pet photographer? 

By doing so, you can actually be in the pictures with your pet, smiling, laughing, and playing without a care in the world, while the photographer follows you around, snapping those wonderful moments.

Perhaps you’re looking for a portrait of you two of you? Or you’d love to encapsulate a happy moment with your fave friend without doing the hard work. And that’s why it’ll not only be fun but beneficial to hire a professional pet photographer.

4. Capture the Puppy Stage Before it’s Over

If you have a brand new puppy, you may or may not know that the puppy stage doesn’t last forever. In fact, your little pup will grow quite considerably every single day. 

That means that, if you want to immortalize your adorable furry friend in a creative and beautiful way before they’ve grown, hiring a pet photographer will be your best bet.

Think about it: puppies aren’t exactly the best at following directions. And they’re also super inquisitive, which means they’ll be running around, grabbing, biting, and playing with everything they see. This could cause blurry photos, making it a time-consuming process to really get an excellent photograph of your new friend.

5. Family Portraits

It’s undeniable…your pet is a part of the family! They’re there for you through good times and bad, they grace you with unconditional love and acceptance, and they bring such joy and happiness to your life. 

And just like you’d hire a professional photographer to take your family portraits, you too could hire a pet photographer to snap your family altogether. 

Pet photographers have the same knowledge and skill as any other kind of photographer, but they’ll be especially well-versed in getting your pet to sit still or show off its best pose.

So if you’re looking to really capture precious moments with your pet that are artistic, creative and of excellent quality, hiring a pet photographer will prove simply invaluable!