Welcome to my fine art photography for pet lovers from all over the world!

I’ve been a professional photographer for the last 8 years and have photographed all over the world for my clients, including the USA, Portugal, Greece, The United Kingdom, and Thailand to name a few.

Before I started photographing pets I was still a dog mum, I have two french bulldogs named Bob and Billie and always struggled to find time to capture something really special or to find a photographer that offered more than just digital files.

I had a bit of a life-changing moment when I went to a friend’s house who owns a gorgeous American Bully named Rox. I told her I’d love to capture her and Rox as they have such a beautiful connection.

We spent an hour taking photos and captured some images that I knew were really special. I didn’t mention that at the time as I wanted to get them back to the studio before sending them to my friend to enjoy.

Her reaction when she got them was insane, she actually started crying. She loved them so much, which was the moment I knew I had to start doing this as my main focus.

I had to have the opportunity to create similar memories for other pet lovers.

I know from owning two dogs how much I love them and having them framed on my wall makes me smile every day I see them up there. I will never forget the first written testimonial I got from one of my clients telling me she’d never been so happy when she saw her wall art unboxed and put up in her home.

Honestly, that is what motivates me to do this, it connects my two passions of photography and my love of animals in a way that allows me to really make others happy.

I look forward to meeting you and your favourite little friend very soon.

Stam xoxo

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